Audi Q5 från 2017

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Audi Q5 tester från andra källor

Alphr • 22 June 2017

The new Audi Q5 gives you impressive tech in a small package

Automobil • 8 February 2017

Audi Q5 är en proper, potent och lagom stor portion för att inte väcka anstöt hos en enda SUV-motståndare....

Provkörning: Audi Q5 • 23 January 2017

Vad nytt? Ny generation av Q5, baserad på plattan MLB Evo. För vem? Suvkunder som gillar teknik och inte räds kostnaden för tillvalen.

CAR magazine • 5 December 2016

Performances are rarely as polished as the second-gen Audi Q5. It doesn’t significantly move the needle in any one area but matches or exceeds its competitors in almost all of them. You’ll feel suitably smug pootling around in one, particularly drinking in the most premium of cabins in the mid-sized SUV sector, and getting to grips with the enhanced MMI infotainment package. Rivals’ systems feel clunkier as a result. And the styling that’s a near facsimile of the original Q5? It’ll be no more a point of concern to the throngs of customers than the fact that this Germanic crossover’s actually built in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico, although how loudly they shout about that latter point remains to be seen.

Auto Express • 2 December 2016

We're already big fans of the smooth, powerful V6 diesel-powered German SUV, now it's time to try the Audi Q5 people actually buy

Audi Q5 tester från andra källor

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