Audi R8 från 2015

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Audi R8 tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 19 November 2018

A track test on Cup 2 tyres isn’t the best environment to pick up on nuanced differences between old R8 and new. But we do know that the Audi R8 remains the ultimate daily supercar, one blessed with a unique mix of attributes too: a howling old-school V10, the security of all-wheel drive, a cabin that’s high on refinement and technology, and pricing that undercuts mid-engined rivals. Lamborghini’s Huracan might come close because the two are based on the same architecture, but the Italian’s interior and infotainment lag behind, it’s costlier too, and you don’t get the benefit of all those Audi dealerships to turn to. Once again, though, we suspect the purer rear-wheel-drive R8 will be the one to have, if they do indeed build it.

Top Gear • 18 November 2018

Its engine and huge breadth of ability make it feel increasingly special. A supercar that fully deserves its spot at the top table.

Auto Express • 18 November 2018

The revised 2019 Audi R8 does what the Audi R8 has always done best, delivering supercar drama in a usable everyday package

Auto Express • 27 February 2018

Audi Sport removes R8’s front drive shafts for RWS model, but is it a sweeter, more rewarding driver’s car as a result?

CAR magazine • 27 February 2018

Audi will build just 999 examples of the R8 Rear Wheel Series in total, split between the Coupe and Spyder entirely by customer preference. It’s great value, and it has unique appeal in the R8 range, which we think elevates the RWS well beyond its entry-level positioning to become the R8 to have right now. It’s a lovely thing. It isn’t as sharp or as wild as some rivals, for sure. And the inevitable complaints about the sheer Audi-ness of the interior will no doubt remain – why on earth you get such cheap feeling paddleshifters in this car is one of the universes greatest mysteries. But as a piece of all-round engineering, as something that will bring satisfaction every single day, the neat, easy-going nature of this chassis combined with the epic nature of that V10 would keep us from getting bored for a long time to come. Check out our Audi reviews

Audi R8 tester från andra källor

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