Audi RS3 från 2015

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Audi RS3 tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 28 January 2018

Final report: we’re going to miss the sheer versatility of Audi’s hyper RS 3 Sportback hatch

2018 Audi RS3 Review • 9 December 2017

Genuine surprises are rare, but when one comes along, it’s worth savoring. As it turns out, Audi and its in-house tuning family built something far greater than the RS3’s numbers suggest. Even as hard as the RS3 launches, straight-line thrills can get old – stellar driving dynamics do not. Who’s to say whether we’d have loved prior generations of the super subcompact as much as we do this one, but the car Audi has finally given America is an unmitigated triumph. In fact, this may be our favorite RS yet. Audi’s RS3 most closely competes with BMW’s M2 and Mercedes-AMG’s CLA45 . Among these, the RS3 is quickest to 60 mph, the most powerful, and offers the most voluminous cabin; it’s also priciest. We have no doubt the RS3 will lap a given circuit quicker than both its rivals, but the M2 — with its rear-drive setup and available manual transmission — takes a slight edge in the all-important fun-to-flog category. Daily drivability, versatility, and convenience (especially provided a few options) favor the RS3. With the CLA45 lagging far behind, the choice between M2 and RS3 comes down to driving style. If you want to hang tail and don’t need the extra set of doors, go with the M2. Otherwise, the RS3 is your best bet. The Audi A3 sedan went on sale late in 2013, so there’s a good chance of a minor facelift in the next year or two. However, the more recent RS3 is unlikely to change much in the near future. Absolutely. With the right options, the RS3 is a mid-$60K proposition of incredible performance . No, it’s not cheap, but the price tag is validated every time you get behind the wheel.

CAR magazine • 31 August 2017

While plying dual carriageways in the RS3 you'll soon be conscious of the Volkswagen Group hierarchy, with throngs of TDI-badged fleet fodder sweeping left in deference to the menacing prow of Audi's latest saloon. Which neatly encapsulates what the RS3 Saloon's all about: subtly muscular four-door bodywork enveloping marvellous mechanicals. Devastatingly fast, particularly in archetypal British weather conditions, but there's more unadulterated joy to be had elsewhere. Click here for our track test of the RS3 saloon's touring car racing cousin, the Audi RS3 LMS

Alphr • 12 May 2017

The RS3 is like a touring car for the road

CAR magazine • 17 March 2017

Pricing for the new RS3 isn’t confirmed yet but we expect it to be around £45,000 for the Sportback. Go a bit options-mad with magnetic ride, carbon ceramics and a sports exhaust and you’ll find yourself with a mid £50k hatchback in no time flat. That said, with easy-access PCP finance the RS3’s bottom line is perhaps as relevant in the real world as the Blue Oval’s drift mode. Your move, AMG. Click here for CAR's review of the 2015-spec Audi RS3 And click here for our track test of the TCR racing version, the Audi RS3 LMS

Audi RS3 tester från andra källor

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