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BMW 7-Serie tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 21 July 2016

A plug-in hybrid 7-series does have niche appeal, but it’s compelling niche appeal. As a luxury saloon it’s the most capable Beemer yet and has all the right ingredients and wafty comfort you’d expect, especially in this 740Le xDrive guise. The electric motor grants improved refinement around town, when running in the complete silence of full electric mode. So, if you’ve got a lot of money to spend on a luxury saloon to ferry you to and from work in the city, it’ll be a satisfyingly relaxed choice. It won’t cost you that much to run, either, if you’ve got charging facilities at each end of your journey. Add to that a high-quality interior and imperious styling, the 7-series could become a popular choice for high-flying business-folk with one eye on urban economy and another on having a bit more fun at the weekend. You don’t even have to a pay premium for it over a diesel version either. A 740Ld xDrive in Exclusive trim like the car we drove will cost £77k (compared to £76k for the plug-in) before options, but claimed fuel economy and CO2 emissions aren’t as headline-grabbing as the hybrid. Read more BMW reviews

Alphr • 23 May 2016

Packed with technology, BMW’s luxury 7 Series saloon is currently leading the way when it comes to in-car tech

Auto Express • 22 December 2015

The latest BMW 7 Series has the performance, luxury and technology to give the Mercedes S Class a run for its money

CAR magazine • 9 September 2015

For a car so traditional in style and conservative in design, the new 7-series has tremendous feelgood factor. Truly it’s a technological powerhouse, from the i-inspired structural carbonfibre to the dismissal of unwanted phone calls with a nonchalant swipe of your hand in thin air. But for all its innovative, mostly brilliant new systems, the 7 remains a compelling driving machine, one able to morph at will between leather-lined isolation chamber and genuinely rewarding, admirably communicative sports saloon. This breadth of ability, not to mention the BMW’s calmer, clearer and more thoroughly resolved cabin, will have Mercedes-Benz worried. Expect the all-important back-to-back twin test just as a soon as we can get the two cars together.

Auto Express • 27 August 2015

Luxury new BMW 730d saloon is set to give S-Class a run for its money

BMW 7-Serie tester från andra källor

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