BMW i8 från 2014

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BMW i8 tester från andra källor

Auto Express: BMW i8 review • 8 February 2018

It’s hardly cheap to buy, but the eco-friendly BMW i8 offers supercar performance with uber-efficiency. Stunning looks, low running costs, fantastic performance.

What Car?: BMW i8 • 31 January 2018

The BMW i8 hybrid is unquestionably one of the most desirable sports cars around.

Autocar: BMW i8 review • 31 January 2018

BMW would have you believe that the new i8 is the sports car of the future – and it’s a believable claim of a car that is daring, exotic and state of the art in just about every way you might judge it.

Top Gear: The Top Gear car review. BMW i8. • 31 January 2018

This is the future, supercar buyers. If this is how it's to be, bring it on. Futuristic but it all works incredibly well, looks absolutely stunning too.

BMW i8 tester från andra källor

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