BMW M3 från 2014

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BMW M3 tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 21 May 2018

Hugely focused limited edition BMW M3 CS takes supersaloon out with a bang

CAR magazine • 21 May 2018

The BMW M3 CS is a truly exciting car to drive, capable of thrilling its driver more convincingly than the regular M3. It feels better-sorted dynamically than the standard car, too, with superior feedback and body control (during a brief drive on new tyres on warm roads, at least). It’s a shame it’s so expensive; £86k is a heck of a lot of money to pay for a saloon car, rarity value or no. Were it more affordable, it would be a very difficult car to ignore.

Automobil • 8 February 2017

Nya M3 är en bländande uppvisning, proppad med tekniska godbitar och en fantastisk, högvarvig V8-motor....

Automobil • 23 May 2016

När vägs ände närmar sig för M3 bjuder M3 bjuder BMW på tack-och-adjöföreställning. Competitionpaketet har godis från M3 CSL till rimligare pris....

CAR magazine • 3 March 2016

The Competition Package improvements do enough to nudge the M3 back up to a five-star car. CAR was disappointed by 2014's four-door, which felt like a step back from the brilliant E90-era V8. Now with 2016's upgrades, it feels like the M3 is back on its game. We'd wholeheartedly recommend the extra performance, sublime chassis tweaks and extra character of the M3 Comp Pack.

BMW M3 tester från andra källor

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