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BMW M4 tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 30 May 2017

The BMW M4 CS feels so much better sorted than the regular M4, and much more special too. At the same time, it’s much less compromised than the over-raw M4 GTS, and a car you could happily drive every day. On the basis of this drive, it’s the best-rounded M4 yet, and the sweet spot of the range – but £89,000 is a hefty price to pay for it.

Auto Express • 29 May 2017

The BMW M4 CS carries a lofty price tag – but is it worth the extra over the standard car?

CAR magazine • 26 December 2016

For track days, the M4 GTS takes some beating. It’s pricey at £121,780 – more than double the normal M4 – but this is a far more special car. As it’s limited edition it will also hold (and probably increase) its value. The UK allocation of 30 cars, out of a global pool of 700, has already sold out. Though fast and capable – and tactile! – it feels like a car that could use more development, still work in progress. This is unusual for a BMW. It’s also feels too raw and hard-edged. So while the normal M4 is too soft, the GTS version has swung too far the other way.

Auto Express • 13 April 2016

The BMW M4 GTS touches down in Britain, and the ultimate M car wows us all over again

Auto Express • 23 February 2016

Competition Pack costs just £3,000 more than the standard BMW M4, but is it worth it?

BMW M4 tester från andra källor

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