BMW M6 från 2012

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BMW M6 tester från andra källor

BMW:s vässade M6 – en vanvettig maskin • 2 August 2016

BUDAPEST. BMW M6 Coupé är redan en elegant och potent GT. Men för kunder som vill ha mer finns Competition-paketet. Och det förvandlar eleganten till en riktigt lynnig och tjurig maskin som kräver varsam fot.

CAR magazine • 20 July 2016

A 552bhp V8 convertible sounds like the ideal candidate for a European road trip in the height of summer, right? You could be forgiven for thinking that, and the updated BMW M6 Convertible certainly has much in its favour to justify that mindset – if you can find the right roads, that is. First, a bit of background. BMW updated its...

Auto Express • 26 June 2015

The more focused Competition Package takes the BMW M6 super coupe to new heights

Auto Express • 29 May 2015

It might not be the best M car out there, but there's no denying the BMW M6 Gran Coupe's huge performance

2013 BMW M6 Review • 19 November 2014

The M6 loses a little of what BMW does best in trying to serve too many masters.

BMW M6 tester från andra källor

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