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BMW X3 tester från andra källor

2018 BMW X3 M40i Review • 22 June 2018

The 2018 X3 M40i is a refreshing return to form for BMW, and a promising sign of vehicles to come. However the German automaker chooses to market its mid-grade M Performance vehicles, buyers will recognize their engaging driving dynamics as classic BMW engineering. We still believe a thinning of BMW’s burgeoning vehicle portfolio is in order, but we’ll take solace in standouts like the X3. Matched against Mercedes-AMG’s GLC43 and Audi’s SQ5 , the X3 M40i dominates the performance, efficiency, and comfort conversation. Styling is a toss up: some buyers will gravitate towards the AMG’s glitz or the Audi’s bold edges, but the X3’s subtlety has its own charm. With new generations of the X3’s closest rivals not due for some time, the compact luxury SUV segment is BMW’s to lose. There are a number of great SUVs in this segment, but we’d park the 2018 BMW X3 M40i in our own garage (and you should too).

Auto Express • 26 January 2018

The third generation BMW X3 raises its game to take on the likes of the Jaguar F-Pace and Volvo XC60

X3 har vuxit • 30 December 2017

Vad nytt? Ny generation mellan-klassuv från BMW. För vem? Den som prioriterar körglädje och inte är rädd för att betala för varumärket.

BMW X3 review: upgrades aplenty equals a superior SUV • 11 December 2017

BMW has tried to reinvigorate the X3 with a new design, new tech and a better ride experience – and it has succeeded. There is a touch of class to this new version, and it is clear some care and attention has been lavished on it. While this may not be the SUV for those looking to tackle hard-core 4x4 environments, the new X3 is ideal for the market it is really aimed at – and the upgraded interior is a perfect indicator of this. My only grumbles are these: the lack of the electric powertrains stands out like a sore thumb, and we would be sorely tempted to wait for their arrival before committing to a new X3; and to get the most out of the car you will be forced to load up on the optional extras. Just make sure you don’t tick that gesture control box.

CAR magazine • 13 November 2017

The X3 is a fine mid-size SUV that mingles driver appeal and practicality. Wealthier drivers should spend a bit more and choose the 30d – or go the whole hog and get the fine new M40i. Keener BMW drivers may also consider saving on mass and money, and buy a 320d xDrive M Sport Touring (or even better, a 520d xDrive M Sport Touring – a mere £3000 more). But for those who want an SUV, and want one that’s good to drive and offers great practicality – and more off-roading ability than you’ll ever need –the new X3 is a fine choice.

BMW X3 tester från andra källor

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