BMW X6 från 2014

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BMW X6 tester från andra källor

Autocar: BMW X6 review • 31 January 2018

Opinion-dividing. Striking. Distinctive. Just some of the words often bandied about in the presence of the BMW X6. Whatever you or I think of its appearance, there’s no denying that lots of people like it and buy it, so BMW is laughing regardless. 

Top Gear: The Top Gear car review. BMW X5/X6 • 31 January 2018

Oi, stand back, world: the latest BMW X5 is here and it’s coming through, now. Bigger, bolder and brasher than ever, it’s fortunately also better: for all the issues you may have with image by association, this is a very good car.

Auto Express: BMW X6 review • 13 December 2017

The BMW X6 may be a ‘marmite’ car, but there’s no doubt it’s luxurious and an impressive performer. The BMW X6 is a large luxury SUV that's based on the X5, although the main difference between the two is that the X6 gets a more rakish, but less practical, coupe body.

What Car?: BMW X6 Review • 31 January 2018

Good to drive and surprisingly spacious, but there are more rounded luxury SUVs for the money.

Carwow: BMW X6. Coupe-styled 4x4 is sporty and has great engines • 31 January 2018

Coupe looks make the BMW X6 a sportier alternative to the BMW X5 – putting it into direct competition with the surprisingly agile Porsche Cayenne and the performance-orientated Range Rover Sport SVR. Peel away the body and you’ll find the same chassis that underpins the X5.

BMW X6 tester från andra källor

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