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Cadillac CT6 tester från andra källor

2018 Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise: Can the Car Really Drive Itself? • 24 April 2018

Unlike Tesla 's Autopilot and Nissan 's ProPilot Assist - which rely mainly on forward-facing cameras to recognize road markings for lane-keeping - the Cadillac Super Cruise uses hi-def maps to locate the car's position within four inches of accuracy. It also knows up to 1.5 miles worth of terrain ahead. The HD maps are updated quarterly over-the-air via GM's OnStar system, but more frequent updates can be sent to include condition changes such as construction zones. There is a good argument to be made that any production-ready self-driving vehicle should carry Level 5 autonomy—no steering wheel, or accelerator or brake pedals—and nothing less. This way the driver can be completely stress-free and not worry about needing to take over control at any time. But it'll be a few years before we see semi- or full-autonomous cars on the road. Until then, let the FLOPS wars begin.

Engadget • 10 April 2018

A plug-in hybrid Cadillac that delivers on features and EV-only range, but falls short when pushed to the cornering limits. Prepare yourself for the smallish trunk.

2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport Twin Turbo V-8 First Look: Northstar 2.0 • 21 March 2018

Two variants of the engine will be offered—each of which will be hand-assembled and personally signed on the Performance Build Center line at the Bowling Green Kentucky Corvette plant. The top version will produce 550 hp at 5,700 rpm and 627 lb-ft at 3,200-4,000 rpm, or 500 hp at 5,000-5,200 rpm and 553 lb-ft at 2,600-4,600 rpm. The difference is primarily in the tuning, with the only mechanical difference being a more restrictive (quieter) exhaust on the lower-output version. That compares reasonably well with the German hot-V twin turbos, including Mercedes -AMG's 4.0-liter (469-603 hp and 479-664 lb-ft depending on application), Audi 's 4.0-liter (450-605 hp and 406-516 lb-ft), and BMW 's 4.4-liter (552-600 hp and 500-553 lb-ft). Stay tuned, as some of these questions may be answered when the freshened 2019 Cadillac CT6 breaks cover at the New York auto show on March 28.

2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Review: Smooth and Silent but Could Be Nicer Inside • 5 December 2017

Smooth, silent and strong, the Cadillac CT6 Plug-In hybrid drives well and looks sharp, but it suffers from an inferior interior.

2018 Cadillac CT6 Review • 11 October 2017

The 2018 Cadillac CT6 is a really nice luxury and performance car. That’s a given. Super Cruise does exactly what Cadillac says that it does, and it’s a big step towards fully autonomous driving. Sure, you can point to limitations in the system, but Super Cruise is like a dancing frog. You can criticize the moves, but the amazing thing is that it dances at all. The bottom line on the CT6 with Super Cruise is that if you spend a lot of time cruising on the rural Interstate, you’re going to love the self-driving feature. You can enjoy the scenery, get a massage, sip your latte, and crank up your tunes. It’ll cost you a lot of money this year, but we expect this system to migrate through Cadillac’s product line over the next few years, and the price will come down. Other automakers are working on similar tech, and we’ll likely see new developments coming along rapidly. It’s a brave new world that has such vehicles in it.

Cadillac CT6 tester från andra källor

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