Citroen C1 från 2014

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Citroen C1 tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 10 July 2018

A full used buyer’s guide on the Citroen C1 covering the C1 Mk2 (2014-date)

Top Gear • 3 May 2018

Fun to drive, fun to operate and cheap to run. Other city cars are cleverer, but it's still competitive

Auto Express • 15 September 2016

The Citroen C1 Furio is cheap to run and looks good, but lacks the ability of its rivals

Auto Express • 11 July 2014

How does Citroen's C1 city car work in Airscape guise with a folding fabric roof?

CAR magazine • 27 June 2014

The C1 is a cheeky, fun and efficient city car that has few foibles. While not exactly a bargain, it’s competitively priced, is fun to punt around city centres and has plenty of visual drama with an exterior that’s better finished than the VW Up, for instance. The cabin and the small boot are a minor let down but it’s still a practical, perky car that has been given a unique visual flavour.

Citroen C1 tester från andra källor

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