Citroen C3 från 2016

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Citroen C3 tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 3 August 2017

Final report: we’re sad to say goodbye to our comfortable and equipment-laden supermini

International Business Times • 1 June 2017

The inclusion of a dashcam from a safety and insurance perspective is of course very welcome, and we expect many other manufacturers to follow the same path in the years to come. Adding social media integration feels a bit like a gimmick, but we can see it being a welcome and fun relief on long car journeys - or simply just for showing off the traffic/weather/view/Ferrari in the next lane to whoever you were driving to meet. We found the button can be a little awkward to reach while driving, and we wonder how long it would take for our Twitter followers to tire of road trip snaps. But there is no denying the usefulness of automatic crash recording should the worst happen. Well done,Citroën, you've made dashcams both functional and fun. TheCitroën C3 is on sale now . Prices start from £11,135. The Connected Cam system is included in the C3 Flair, which starts at £15,225.

Auto Express • 31 May 2017

A full used buyer’s guide on the Citroen C3 focusing on the C3 Mk2 (2010-2016)

CAR magazine • 3 January 2017

Why? The diesel option is overshadowed by the petrol engine in just about every way, and as such, unless you’re buying on purely fiscal reasons, we’d recommend you head that way. The C3’s other biggest problem is going to be turning around the brand’s reputation for depreciation, poor reliability and flaky build quality. The product is leagues ahead of the perception, but given that supermini buyers tend to play it safe – and head for Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen’s doors – Citroen is likely to have its work cut out getting bums on its comfortable seats. Read more Citroen reviews

Auto Express • 12 December 2016

We've already tried the new Citroen C3 in petrol form, but how does the top-spec diesel handle UK roads?

Citroen C3 tester från andra källor

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