Fiat 500 från 2015

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Fiat 500 tester från andra källor

Auto Express: Fiat 500 review • 6 February 2018

Still fashionable and fun, but the three-door Fiat 500 isn’t as practical as some city car rivals.

TopGear: The Top Gear car review: Fiat 500 Review • 31 January 2017

A car from whose existence we all benefit, even if we don’t want to be seen in one.

Parkers: Fiat 500 hatchback review • 27 February 2018

Character and style in spades, plus a fun drive.

Carbuyer: Fiat 500 hatchback review • 3 January 2018

The Fiat 500 has an unashamedly retro style, but thoroughly modern engines, making it a strong city-car performer.

The Telegraph Lifestyle Cars: Fiat 500 review • 5 October 2016

Fiats cute 500 has pretty much cornered the market for designer urban cars, thanks to its combination of style and affordability.

It looks as charming on the inside as it does on the outside, while its dinky dimensions combine with light steering to make it feel right at home in the city.

Fiat 500 tester från andra källor

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