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Cross Pollination: Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari • 29 October 2013

Fiat’s Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari doesn’t feel nearly as special as a Ferrari, but does make for a much more affordable tribute to the Italian supercar maker. Its design will get you noticed wherever you go, while the engine symphonics should put a smile on your face. Also part of the package is some sporty handling and brisk performance. We just wished that Bluetooth audio streaming and better fuel economy was also offered by this little hot hatch. It goes for a recommended retail price of R550 000, which is very expensive, seeing that that amount you can pick up much quicker alternatives. These include the BMW M135i (235 kW; 450 Nm of torque) at less than R500 000, and the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG (265 kW; 450 Nm) for R600 000.

2013 Fiat Abarth Cabrio Review • 28 July 2013

Ultimately, unlike other performance cars around the $26,000 mark, the Abarth is brash and a bit unreasonable. It’s stylish, loud, and a bit hard to handle. It is, then, just like the Italian girlfriend you wish you had. It delights, can frustrate and leaves you wanting more. Is it worth the money, though? If you’re an inner-city dweller who wants a shout-y convertible that’s easy to park, a hoot to drive and not all that bad to look at, the Abarth Cabrio is for you. If you want an out-and-out track machine that will be cool, composed, confident and perhaps fly a bit under the radar, then maybe you should consider the Scion FR-S Convertible.

Auto Express • 16 July 2010

Fiat's in house tuners aim to give this Italian supermini even more sting - without compromising everyday useability.

Auto Express • 22 August 2008

New Firebreather puts even more sting in scorpion’s tail.

Auto Express • 28 September 2007

Legendary nameplate returns in hot hatch Grande Punto guise

Fiat Abarth tester från andra källor

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