Fiat Panda från 2011

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Fiat Panda tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 19 August 2016

A full used buyer’s guide on the Fiat Panda covering the Panda Mk3 (2012-date)

CAR magazine • 25 March 2015

A bargain small off-roader or an overpriced Panda? Depends on your point of view. It’s genuinely capable off-road, great in the city (no speed bump too big, no multi-storey too steep, no parking space too small) but in all honesty a bit rubbish on the open road. An ordinary Panda 4x4 is cheaper, can manage nearly as well off-road and is more tolerable on it. For the majority of buyers it’ll make more sense than the Cross, likeable though it is.

Auto Express • 5 March 2015

Final report: We loved the capable performance, but the infotainment system was irksome

Top Gear • 13 January 2015

Fiat has revived its city car. But not reinvented it. Clever Fiat: there was no need. It's better than ever

Auto Express • 13 October 2014

No other city car will take you as far off-road as the esoteric Fiat Panda Cross, but the regular 4x4 will be enough for most people

Fiat Panda tester från andra källor

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