Ford C-Max från 2011

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Ford C-Max tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 20 April 2016

A full used buyer’s guide on the Ford C-MAX covering the C-MAX Mk2 (2010-date)

Auto Express • 31 July 2015

We get to grips with the Ford C-MAX 2.0 TDCi Titanium X on UK roads. Can its MPV practicality match its driver appeal?

Provkörning: Ford C-Max 1.5T Ecoboost 2015 • 10 June 2015

Försäljningen av Ford C-Max gick upp som en sol och föll sedan ned som en pannkaka. Kan en uppdatering vända trenden?

Auto Express • 22 April 2015

New Ford C-MAX is good to drive, and Titanium trim features plenty of equipment

2013 and 2014 Ford C-Max Video Review: Kids, Carseats & Safety • 5 March 2014

I really enjoyed my time with the C-Max.  We’ve driven a Toyota Prius for a few years now and we are fans, but I’d take a C-Max for a swap in an instant.  The fuel economy isn’t quite as good as Prius, but I like almost every other aspect of the C-Max better.  There’s no question that the C-Max will be a little easier for kids and carseats compared to the Prius, making it the better family hauler.  The C-Max is not quite as roomy as the Prius V or the Ford Fusion Hybrid, for those seeking even more room.  The C-Max SE is a decent value as well, especially compared to the Prius V. I wouldn’t be concerned about the “downgrade” to 43 mpg overall for 2014, or with comments about unattainable fuel economy ratings from reviewers who aren’t familiar with driving hybrids.  Many drive them like normal cars.  Petal to the metal when the light turns green.  Tailgate the driver in front for a quarter mile.  Brake hard for the next red light.  Rinse.  Repeat.  For most city and suburban drivers, you will easily exceed that 43 mpg with a few hybrid driving techniques.  As with most hybrids, cold winter months will cut fuel economy significantly, but for the rest of the year you will meet and likely exceed the EPA estimates and the C-Max is no exception!

Ford C-Max tester från andra källor

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