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Ford Ka tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 5 November 2018

Granted, if you’re set on a Ka+, the Zetec model has a very similar equipment list, but the Active model is good value compared to its fellow ‘mini crossover rivals. Add in a comfy ride, a perky driving experience and practicality from the next car class size up and the Ka+ Active makes a surprising amount of sense. Check out our Ford reviews

Top Gear • 10 August 2018

Won't set the pulse racing, but it'll probably make your wallet happy. A worthy, forgettable city car

Auto Express • 27 June 2018

Baby SUV looks and raised ride height add character to an already fun-to-drive supermini

Auto Express • 18 July 2017

A full used buyer’s guide on the Ford Ka, covering the Ka Mk2 (2009-2016)

Auto Express • 19 May 2017

The Ford Ka+ White Edition adds extra styling and comes loaded with kit, but does it offer value for money?

Ford Ka tester från andra källor

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