Ford S-Max från 2015

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Ford S-Max tester från andra källor

Hederlig familjebuss är vår nya långtestbil • 13 February 2017

Det är modernt med elbilar och med suvar. Med bilar som ser ut som elbilar eller suvar även om de inte är det. Men när vi kliver in i vinterns långtest gör vi det med en hederlig familjebuss: sjusitsiga Ford S-Max.

Auto Express • 29 July 2016

A full used buyer's guide on the Ford S-MAX covering the S-MAX Mk1 (2006-2015)

CAR magazine • 24 June 2016

The Vignale spec is designed to be Ford's best luxury effort, and it’s certainly not a bad attempt. It makes far more sense than the Mondeo version for us simply because it has less competition – it’s easier to shine. If that sounds like it’s damning the S-Max Vignale with faint praise, then fair cop: it’s not a match for a well-specced premium-brand car. Lexus does interiors better; Vauxhall recently stole the march on the multimedia front. The Ford S-Max does drive particularly well, though. Taken in isolation there’s a lot to like about Vignale in this format. More so than the oddball Mondeo, anyway.

Auto Express • 22 June 2016

Flagship Ford S-MAX Vignale adds quality and comfort to the range, but is it worth the extra cost?

Auto Express • 4 April 2016

Final report: how has our practical seven-seat Ford S-MAX performed in the past year?

Ford S-Max tester från andra källor

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