Honda Civic från 2016

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Honda Civic tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 22 October 2018

The idea of having one of these, some fancy Nomex overalls and painted lid, for a season’s close racing with 30-odd like-minded rivals for the price of a well-specced supercar is one that’s hugely appealing. It easy to see why the TCR’s such a roaring success. Now I’ve done the test drive, surely the next step is a race…

CAR magazine • 14 September 2018

The world won’t be knocked backed to its senses by the arrival of the Civic saloon. Normal four-door cars like this will continue to be less appealing to many buyers than heavier, more expensive faux-4x4 alternatives. But what it does mean is that there’s a worthwhile extra choice to consider, combining the practical bonus of a big boot and the less measurable advantages of a no-nonsense car that’s all about getting the job done and not worrying about fleeting fashions.

Auto Express • 12 September 2018

Honda's diesel Civic makes a decent proposition for those doing high miles, but how does it rate when paired with an automatic transmission?

Auto Express • 2 August 2018

The four-door saloon provides Honda Civic buyers with greater choice, but is it worth considering?

Inga tillsatser • 17 March 2018

Vad nytt? Uppgraderad dieselmotor. För vem? Dieseltrogna som gärna slipper AdBlue.

Honda Civic tester från andra källor

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