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Hyundai NEXO tester från andra källor

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric and Nexo Review: Two Great EVs, One Hard Choice • 30 October 2018

Within six hours, I've driven two CUVs from the same manufacturer that in my opinion are the best hydrogen fuel cell and affordable battery electric car you can buy. The Nexo's 354-380-mile range overwhelms the Toyota Mirai 's official 312-miles and is comparable to the Honda Clarity 's 366-miles. The Kona Electric's 258 miles of range easily short-circuits the Bolt's 238-mile claim to fame. And even if we set these terrific numbers aside—which of course, you absolutely can't—they really do drive better than any of their rivals. The trouble is, we don't all live and work in westside Los Angeles. Arresting the planet's CO2 mess has to happen by 2030.

Paradigmskifte • 6 October 2018

Vad nytt? Ny vätgasbil, ersätter iX35. För vem? Den som inte behöver åka längre än 33 mil norr om Sandviken eller längs Sveriges ostkust.

CAR magazine • 20 February 2018

The Nexo’s a credible effort from Hyundai at a mainstream hydrogen car, but its main drawback is bound to be cost. The firm’s spokespeople wouldn’t be drawn on where it’ll sit in the market, but it’s fair to expect it’ll cost as much, if not more, than the £66k Mirai. It is more practical and an SUV, after all – a bodystyle the whole family can get behind. What that would make this is an eye-wateringly expensive Hyundai, but then it’s no secret this is a company keen to pile on the premium. With a vehicle as unusual, practical and in some use cases as cheap to run, it could help pave the way for mainstream fuel cell cars quicker than we think. We get the feeling Toyota may need to strike back…

Auto Express • 20 February 2018

Hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo fuel-cell SUV gets its first outing on UK roads

Hyundai NEXO tester från andra källor

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