Jaguar F-Pace från 2016

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Jaguar F-Pace tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 6 September 2018

If you want a Jaguar F-Pace that prioritises luxury over sportiness, the Portfolio trim level is the one to get

2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR First Look: SVO Crafts a 550-HP SUV • 27 March 2018

Often it can take a year for a new model to make it from auto show to dealer showroom, but that won't be the case for the 2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR—the new performance SUV hits Jaguar dealers this summer, stickering for $80,985.

Top Gear • 9 February 2018

Practical and pretty, Jaguar's first SUV is arguably the best car it makes

CAR magazine • 29 December 2017

The F-Pace still remains one of the better-handling, sharper and more desirable mid-size premium SUVs out there - so, regardless of which engine you pick, it still makes a strong case for itself. Still though, we’d be remiss to point out that while the 25t version offers buyers more choice (especially when more buyers are steering away from diesel), the sums don’t totally add up. Stick with a diesel and you not only have a fashionable, great-handling SUV but one that does more than 30mpg in real-life conditions.

CAR magazine • 25 September 2017

In 3.0D S trim, the F-Pace is a very satisfying piece of kit. It’s stylish, practical, engaging to drive and solid value too. Jag’s F-Pace certainly feels more like the super-agile XE than it does the less involving if still enjoyable XF, which deserves a round of applause given the higher centre of gravity and extra bulk. It’s jumping headlong into a super-competitive marketplace, but the F-Pace has the talent to take on the competition and come out the other side strongly.

Jaguar F-Pace tester från andra källor

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