Jaguar XF från 2015

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Jaguar XF tester från andra källor

Auto Express: Jaguar XF review • 22 February 2018

Jaguar's latest XF is desirable and very good to drive, making it a genuine rival to the German alternatives.  Smart styling, improved rear legroom, low running costs.

Top Gear: The Top Gear car review. Jaguar XF. • 31 January 2018

It’s a tough call, but the XF is probably the new class leader. Ride and handling are sublime, makes a strong rational case for itself.

Autocar: Jaguar XF review • 31 January 2018

Exceeding our expectation of a business saloon was Jaguar’s stated goal. The XF doesn’t do that precisely, but it does go further toward fulfilling our wish list of dynamic attributes than any model currently on sale.

What Car?: Jaguar XF Review • 31 January 2018

The Jaguar XF is great to drive, with excellent handling and a comfortable ride. It isn't the quietest or classiest luxury saloon, though.

Carwow: Jaguar XF Review. Drives as good as it looks, and now more practical. • 4 November 2016

Jaguar hit the nail on the head with the original XF – it was undoubtedly a Jag, but one that dumped the company’s dowdy image and looked, mercifully, nothing like the S-Type it replaced.

Jaguar XF tester från andra källor

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