Jaguar XJ från 2009

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Jaguar XJ tester från andra källor

Our View: 2017 Jaguar XJ • 14 July 2017

The 2016 Jaguar XJ is stylish, dynamic and an unexpected value in its class, especially considering Jaguar’s excellent warranty. But the sedan’s tendency for glitches might put that warranty to good use.

Automobil • 8 February 2017

Jaguar XJ behövde väl ingen större make-up - men ett riktigt ansikte....

Auto Express • 5 November 2015

Stylish Jaguar XJ saloon takes on the new BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class

Top Gear • 13 January 2015

The XJ is exactly what a Jaguar should be. It's green and good to drive

2013 Jaguar XJ AWD First Drive • 28 December 2012

To demonstrate the setup's effectiveness, Jaguar brought us to Canada's Mecaglisse Raceway, a summer and winter driving school located east of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. As luck would have it, a storm rolled through overnight, giving us a bit more snow and ice to play with than the previous sets of journalists. On these snowy circuits, which included an ice ring and a slalom course, the difference between standard, winter, and dynamic modes in inclement weather came into play. In Standard mode, the computer intervened quite rapidly after detecting slip, making it difficult to direct the car toward anything besides a full stop. On the flip side, in Dynamic mode, intervention typically came too late to stop the car from what, on a regular road, would likely be a trip straight into a ditch. Winter mode, however, proved up to the name, with the computer doing just enough at just the right time to let you keep the car pointed in the direction you wanted, unless you did something stupid, of course. This being a Jag and not an Audi , all-wheel drive isn't standard. On the regular XJ, it's a $3500 option. On the long-wheelbase XJL Portfolio, the option cost drops to $2500. On a regular car, that's a hefty premium, but on a $70,000-plus full-size luxury sedan, it's not that jarring. For Jaguar, the addition of all-wheel drive is a huge leap forward, because it opens the brand to numerous customers who would not have otherwise considered an XJ or XF. It doesn't hurt that Jag got it right the first time, either.

Jaguar XJ tester från andra källor

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