Kia Picanto från 2017

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Kia Picanto tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 28 May 2018

A full used buyer’s guide on the Kia Picanto covering the Picanto Mk1 (2004-2011)

Auto Express • 30 January 2018

The new jacked-up Kia Picanto X-Line joins a rapidly growing list of micro SUVs, but how does it compare to its rivals?

Liten och kaxig – men lilla Kia Picanto är inget vidare att köra • 17 August 2017

Designen lovar en hel del men vissa saker faller platt när du släpper kopplingen. Lilla Picanto är roligare att se på än att köra.

Nystärkt storsäljare • 21 May 2017

Vad nytt? Hela bilen utom motorerna. För vem? Den som vill ha lägre bilkostnader.

CAR magazine • 9 May 2017

The Kia Picanto has all the makings of an excellent city car. It’s small, nimble, cheap to run and punches well above its weight for refinement and standard equipment on higher-trim cars. The three-cylinder engine is perfectly fine for trundling around the city, but if you plan on doing much in the way of motorway driving we’d opt for the 1.25. It suits the car’s energetic character and shouldn’t cost much more to run, offering up quoted fuel economy of 61.4 to the 1.0-litre’s 64.2mpg. That said, it may be worth waiting a little longer for the 99bhp turbocharged version of the three-cylinder motor, due at the end of 2017. Keep an eye out for CAR’s first drive in the coming months.

Kia Picanto tester från andra källor

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