Land Rover Velar från 2018

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Land Rover Velar tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 28 February 2018

We try the most powerful four-cylinder petrol version of the Range Rover Velar. Is it as sporty as its power output suggests?

2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar Review: Tech That Delights, Confounds • 6 December 2017

The Velar delivers great luxury, style and capability, but some may find its lofty price and futuristic controls off-putting.

Test: Range Rover Velar är lyx – men glöm baksätet • 23 October 2017

TANNIS. Lyxigt, häftig och iögonfallande. En fräck instrumentering med en ny pekskärm i mittkonsolen. Men Range Rover Velar faller ändå igenom på flera viktiga punkter.

Auto Express • 29 September 2017

How does the new Range Rover Velar SUV measure up as a four-cylinder diesel?

CAR magazine • 4 September 2017

The Velar is a beautifully designed and (mostly) finely wrought car. It will sell well to the growing number of affluent urbanites who want a stand-out SUV. They’ll buy it, probably love it, and get covetous glances from neighbours, other road users and the fashion conscious. They’ll enjoy exploring the wonders hidden in the touchscreen menus, and showing them off to friends. But it’s not perfect. The ride, on its bigger wheels, is not quite right. A few areas of the cabin are below par. And the First Edition’s price – over £85,000 – is preposterous. You can buy a V6 supercharged Range Rover Sport (all-round, rather a better car) for £20,000 less. Shop around the £60,000 mark, though, and you’ll probably be delighted. You can even go off-road, if you really want to. It’s still a Land Rover, after all. Just don’t tell Gerry.

Land Rover Velar tester från andra källor

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