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Lexus IS 300h tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 13 February 2017

The Lexus IS is a deeply likeable car thanks to its class-apart cabin and leftfield appeal. We’ve driven pre-facelift cars on standard springs which rode very nicely indeed, so it’s fair to assume updated non-F Sport cars will be as good, if not better, thanks to those chassis revisions. In F Sport form, however, it’s harder to recommend - it might look the part but its stiff suspension is less comfortable than we’d like without delivering the kind of rewarding drive available in rival cars – most notably the BMW 3 Series and Jaguar XE . Configure it in full post-Saab Premier spec instead for a stylish, comfortable and distinct alternative to the office car park norm.

Good Gear Guide • 4 January 2015

Two versions of the IS 300h are available in Australia. There’s the Luxury model ($57,000) and the F Sport model ($65,000), which is the model being reviewed by Good Gear Guide . The two cars share the same petrol-electric engine and are only separated by the premium model’s sporty persona.

Auto Express • 30 May 2014

Fifth report: Premium Lexus IS 300h is best enjoyed while relaxing in the back

Provkörning: Lexus IS 300h (2013) • 8 May 2014

Lexus, vinnaren i årets upplaga av AutoIndex, spänner bågen hårt med nya IS 300h. Hybriddrift och miljöbilsklassningen ska sexdubbla modellens försäljning. Vi har provkört.

CAR magazine • 22 May 2013

The IS’s chief engineer says his team is working on integrating a traditional auto with the hybrid drivetrain, but it adds too much length. When the solution to that problem arrives, Lexus will have a pretty convincing 3-series rival on its hands, because there’s plenty to like about the new IS. As it stands, we’d shop elsewhere, but Lexus GB only expects to sell around 5000 examples of the IS (4600 hybrids), and should have no problem finding buyers swayed by the quality, tax advantages and the fact that it isn’t a BMW

Lexus IS 300h tester från andra källor

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