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Lexus LS tester från andra källor

Lexus LS: 2019 Motor Trend Car of the Year Contender • 5 November 2018

Alisa Priddle noted the suave, detailed interior design with swooping and arcing "art wood," leather trim, Alcantara, and metal details. But back-seat space is less than in competitor cars, especially in the footwell. Akio Toyoda has challenged Lexus to passionately embrace its sporty side. Unfortunately, the LS merely gives drivers an awkward shoulder hug.

Engadget • 24 October 2018

A comfortable luxury sedan that looks great inside and out. The hybrid system will deliver MPGs at the very least in the high 30s. The infotainment display is gorgeous, too bad it’s connected to an annoying touchpad. The lane keep assist could also do with some updating.

Top Gear • 18 May 2018

22nd Century limo looks, stunted by 1980s powertrain response. The ultimate left-field choice.

2018 Lexus LS 500 F Sport AWD Review: Jurassic Answer • 26 April 2018

More disappointing than these extreme performance numbers was the LS F Sport's demeanor just tooling around town, when gently rolling onto the throttle sometimes reveals the nonlinearity of turbo lag. The 10-speed automatic was also exceptionally lazy about engaging drive after reversing out of the driveway. Dialing up the Sport+ drive mode sharpened the throttle response and the transmission's eagerness to drop a cog when accelerating moderately, but the car never defaults to the sport modes when restarting, so get used to twisting that knob every time you drive the car. (Normal and Comfort modes are remembered upon restart.) I ended up leaving the LS in Comfort mode for most of the week, asking myself, "I know I could pay $6,000 extra for an F-Sport LS, but should I?"

CAR magazine • 19 February 2018

Until then, the LS500h will definitely polarise buyers. At least 90 per cent will reject it: job done. But I wonder if even the 1.4 per cent of UK customers for such cars whom Lexus hopes to win over will see past the refinement issues, or the lack of the rear seat options or almost-sentient levels of tech which the German Big Three can offer because the cost is amortised over their greater volumes. With great visual design and an original and beautifully made cabin this is a proper Lexus, but a hybrid drivetrain no longer counts for much when the main rivals will all soon offer plug-ins which will get you from your office in W1 to Heathrow on electric power (though not back again). In this case, different may not be enough, and 100 cars a year no longer looks like a typo. Read all our Lexus reviews

Lexus LS tester från andra källor

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