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Mazda 2 tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 29 November 2017

The 2 is defined by what it doesn’t have, rather than what it does have. Less weight, less cost and no forced induction make it an unusually engaging supermini to drive. With just enough punch from under the bonnet, a snappy gearbox and ultimate-hire-car-style handling – this is no criticism – plus plenty of standard kit, the range-topping 2 is well worth £17k. It may not be the obvious choice, but if you want a nippy, analogue-feel, good-value supermini, this could well be it.

Auto Express • 25 May 2016

A full used buyer’s guide on the Mazda 2 covering the 2 Mk2 (2007-2014)

CAR magazine • 21 September 2015

At £15,395, the Mazda 2 Sport Black isn’t exactly cheap, but given the included extras, at £1000 more than the equivalent SE-L Nav you certainly get value for your money. Since the Mazda 2 is also one of our favourite superminis – good to drive, well packaged and seemingly well engineered – the Sport Black should be quite the tempter. Hell, we even think Mazda’s done a decent job of the graphics. Pretty please can we have one with a more powerful engine?

Auto Express • 10 September 2015

Special edition Mazda 2 Sport Black is fun to drive and has plenty of equipment

Auto Express • 19 May 2015

Third report: Supermini is a hit on trip to rain-soaked music festival

Mazda 2 tester från andra källor

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