Mazda 3 från 2014

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Mazda 3 tester från andra källor

Top Gear • 21 February 2019

Mazda’s new 3 family hatch: low on excitement, high on quiet satisfaction

CAR magazine • 15 February 2018

There’s a reason why the compact saloon has all but disappeared from the UK market: leaving aside any arguable stylistic advantages, hatchbacks tend to be just that little bit more versatile and practical for young families and indeed anybody else who wants to carry interesting combinations of oddly shaped luggage. But if you like the looks and don’t need the fifth door, then there’s something about the Fastback that just works: the different elements combine harmoniously, and although the engine’s nothing special it has a chassis that’s good enough to let you enjoy it to the full.

Provkörning: Mazda 3 • 26 March 2017

Vad nytt? Uppdatering efter drygt tre år på marknaden. För vem? Det gäller att köra långt om dieselmotorn ska löna sig.

Mazda 3 2017 Review: Everything keeps getting better | Hungry Geeks | Latest news • 22 March 2017

The moment we saw the 2017 Mazda 3 when it was turned over to us, we got puzzled of the major difference outside. To be honest, I hard to check again if I got the right car. But knowing Mazda they don’t remove anything that isn’t wrong, that’s why everything just felt even better.

Nya 3:an garanterad framgång för Mazda • 16 February 2017

Mazda uppdaterar sin mellanklassmodell Mazda3 inför vårruschen 2017. Att Mazda erbjuder tio års nybilsgaranti på snygga Mazda3 kommer att skrämma flera konkurrenter.

Mazda 3 tester från andra källor

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