Mercedes-Benz GLA från 2014

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Mercedes-Benz GLA tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 10 October 2017

You can’t really step much higher up the hot hatch ladder than this absolute weapon of a thing, but it’s also quite compromised. That massive £53k price tag seems too greedy, considering its flaws.

CAR magazine • 10 April 2017

The GLA hasn’t always been the easiest car to recommend, and alas post-update it remains so. Paradoxically, it’s a popular car over here in the United Kingdom – and will probably remain so. Go figure, as they say.

Top Gear • 13 January 2015

Look! An A-Class with roof rails and enhanced ground clearance. Don't be cynical, it works rather well

CAR magazine • 21 May 2014

If you can cope with the firmer ride of our AMG-equipped test car, then this is an easy to live with SUV. The regular suspension is little cushier, but no A-class or A-class derivative delivers a truly premium, comfortable ride like larger Mercedes can offer. Should you choose it over the 4Matic version? If you’re after a more pedestrian, commuter style of drive, save the running costs as you meander to 62mph; if you’re after a GLA with more punch, the added power of the 4Matic makes the hefty premium worth the stretch. We’ve just been upsold. >> Would you pay the extra £2605 for all-wheel drive and a faster, slightly thirstier GLA? Add your view in the comments section below

GLA burrar upp sig • 8 May 2014

Upp med fjädrarna – så lyder vår tids modeparoll. Med nya GLA har Mercedes gjort A-klass sex centimeter högre.

Mercedes-Benz GLA tester från andra källor

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