Mercedes-Benz SLC från 2011

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Mercedes-Benz SLC tester från andra källor

2018 Mercedes-Benz SLC 43 AMG Review: The Roadster You Forgot Existed Is Five Different Cars In One • 24 May 2018

Though it comes with some compromises, Merc's baby AMG is a fantastically well-rounded sports car.

CAR magazine • 27 September 2016

It’s not like you get much equipment either. As a result, you have to love the looks of the SLC or really value the high claimed economy to splash out the best part of £40,000 for one. Bearing in mind the din that the diesel motor produces, the cheaper SLC 200 petrol – which can be found from just over £22,000 with online brokers – could be a wiser option for many convertible fans. At that price, it’s easier to overlook the SLC’s downsides. Read more Mercedes reviews here

CAR magazine • 9 May 2016

So back to the original point, then: why bother with a middle-of-the-road version that is neither as efficient as the diesel nor as fun as the AMG? For a start there’s the £6970 gulf between the SLC 300 and the SLC 43. Given that the AMG version no longer features a characterful V8, and isn’t the last word in driving dynamics anyway, this version consequently feels like a better bet.

Top Gear • 29 June 2014

New name but not a completely new car, nor a brilliant one to drive

What Car ?

A refresh of the SLK model, the two-seat, open-top Mercedes-Benz SLC is refined and well equipped, but not much fun to drive

Mercedes-Benz SLC tester från andra källor

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