Mercedes-Benz SLS 2010 - 2014

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Mercedes-Benz SLS tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 24 February 2014

This is a battle between two of the most aggressive street racers in the USA. A financial gulf separates £75,000 SRT Viper from £230,000 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series; an ocean divides their character: blue-collar grafter meets white-collar big shot. But besides a common interest in hoovering up the horizon they share something els...

CAR magazine • 22 November 2013

Imagine how impressive the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series is when you consider this car: the SLS GT. Beneath its classic hot rod proportions that’ve been dipped in Germanic melted chocolate matt brown, there’s the 6208cc naturally-aspirated V8 weighing down that long nose. There’s the massive drilled brakes inside the sinister black...

CAR magazine • 24 June 2013

The Electric Drive is a fascinating piece of machinery, but at £350,000, would you pay twice the price of a regular SLS for one – and still have the usual battery-car foibles to deal with? Merc claims a 155-mile range, with a recharge taking from three to 20 hours. Be in no doubt that this SLS is a genuinely exciting machine, but it still feels slightly sterile besides the petrol-engined alternative. So it comes down to having a car that no one else has. There’s a bigger picture, here, though; the lessons from this car will filter down to real-world affordable Mercs. A torque-vectoring electric C-class that handles like a Lotus Elise? That sounds like money well spent.

CAR magazine • 4 March 2013

The SLS Black Series is a great car, with gains all round versus the standard car and – as far as we can tell after driving it on an entirely smooth racetrack – no drawbacks. We love the engine, the handling and the downright outrageousness of the design. Mercedes will no doubt sell the entire limited run to diehard AMG fans, but it does sit in a slightly awkward space: oriented more towards customers wanting a trackday special, it fulfills that role less well than the cheaper 911 GT3 RS, and yet sits perilously close to the more rounded Ferrari F12 in terms of price. But that doesn't mean that the SLS Black Series isn't a very satisfying car indeed.

CAR magazine • 26 June 2012

Destined, I suspect, to remain rare as Hannibal Lecter’s steak, an SLS Roadster may be afforded for as little as, um, £176,925. The car I drove was so laden with AMG options and accessories that its price tag actually overhauled its maximum speed, topping out at a thumping £205,680. However, apart from the £5055 Bang and Olufsen stereo - which is always going to lose out to those bellowing exhausts - I probably wouldn’t bother with any of the extras (£3425 for a carbonfibre engine cover you’ll never see?). Then again, if you’re in the market for a car such as this, you probably won’t quibble over the odd thirty grand here and there.

Mercedes-Benz SLS tester från andra källor

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