Mercedes-Benz X-Klass från 2017

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Mercedes-Benz X-Klass tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 29 June 2018

The Mercedes X-Class is the most powerful pick-up in the class, courtesy of its punchy 6-cylinder diesel engine

Auto Express • 14 December 2017

The Mercedes X-Class is a premium pick-up that easily justifies its high price

CAR magazine • 27 October 2017

As easy to live with as an SUV? For most people, no. But the X-class unquestionably moves the pick-up game on, and represents far less of a compromise as a result – to the extent that the V6 may turn out to be a genuine alternative to a GLE and its ilk. If you’re seriously considering a truck as your everyday transport, it’s quite simply this or an Amarok as far as we’re concerned – everything else will eventually drive you mad. Can’t wait for the AMG version. Four stars – for a pick-up.

Auto Express • 19 July 2017

The Mercedes X-Class brings a touch of luxury to the pick-up sector, but how does it drive?

Mercedes-Benz X-Klass tester från andra källor

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