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Mini Electric tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 17 July 2018

The MINI Classic electric is a one-off take on a 20th century icon, as MINI gears up for a proper electric hatch in 2019

First Drive: All-Electric, Zero-Emissions Mini E • 19 November 2008

Should you buy (lease)? Economically, the sensibility of the Mini E equals the emissions from the tailpipe: zero. You can lease or buy a very-low-emissions two-seater with no luggage room for half to a third of the $850 Mini requires. But on an emotional level, there's little not to like. You'd be a pioneer in what amounts to a huge change - "change we need"? - brewing in the way we get from A to B. Today, zero-emissions vehicles are wildly expensive without subsidies. This is one giant step toward the future. And it keeps the automobile as part of the transportation mix. "For me, one thing is clear," declared BMW Group's Dr. Friedrich Eichiner of BMW's board of management at the announcement on a second-floor terrace of the Beverly Wilshire (Julia Roberts and "Pretty Woman") Hotel. "Individual mobility will still play a role in our future. The automobile will continue to guarantee individual mobility."

CAR magazine • 19 November 2008

The Mini has gone electric – and CAR is first behind the battery car's wheel. BMW has built a batch of 500 Mini Es that will be leased to American customers. It’s a normal Mini but with an electric engine up front and a lithium ion battery where you would usually find the back seat. BMW says it is step one in a research programme t...

Mini Electric tester från andra källor

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