Nissan 370Z från 2009

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Nissan 370Z tester från andra källor

2018 Nissan 370Z Review • 15 May 2018

The 2018 Nissan 370Z is an automotive fossil. That means it’s not quite up to current standards when it comes to tech and refinement, but the all-important old school driving experience has been preserved like a mosquito in amber. Despite its faults, the Z should definitely be on the shopping list of any serious sports-car buyer.

Auto Express • 4 April 2018

Fast, fierce and hairy of chest, the Nissan 370Z feels like a sports car from another era, and that's the problem

CAR magazine • 18 October 2017

Simply having a naturally aspirated V6 under the bonnet isn’t enough to sell the 370Z alone, especially when it doesn’t sound or rev quite like a philharmonic six-pot of old. Without those benefits you’re really just left with a heavy, thirsty lump that’s starting to feel decidedly Sportscar 1.0 in the face of more technologically advanced rivals. That said, while I don’t want to patronise the Zed by labelling it ‘characterful’, that old-school charm does still make it an intensely likable thing. And thanks to the new clutch, now you can drive it and skip leg day.

Provkörning: Hårdkokt halvmesyr • 28 September 2015

Vad nytt? Fabrikstrimmad version av Nissans Caymanutmanare. För vem? Den som söker ett riktigt udda substitut för Porsche.

Top Gear • 13 January 2015

A thug in a suit that loves to go sideways. Old school cool

Nissan 370Z tester från andra källor

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