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Nissan Pulsar tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 31 March 2015

The Pulsar may be manufactured at Nissan’s Barcelona factory – do track down the photos of sheepish FC Barcelona players, like Andres Iniesta, trying to raise some enthusiasm for a vehicle that costs five times less than their Audi R8s – but it’s not a Barça of a car. If anything, it’s more like supporting Everton. You know that year in, year out, it’ll quietly go about its business. Reliable. Safe. Unremarkable. It pulls off decent results in places, always does just enough to get by. Ultimately, it’s all about money here. You get plenty of car for £20k – add in a 0% vehicle tax rate and excellent real world fuel economy and plenty of potential customers will look past the Pulsar’s utilitarian looks and so-so performance.

Top Gear • 25 January 2015

Nothing wrong with it, apart from being drab and unimaginative, and really not much fun

CAR magazine • 26 November 2014

So for customers wanting something less pokey than a Juke, not as big as a Qashqai, not as fun to drive as a Focus, or as stylish as a Golf, but better than an Almera, the Pulsar is most definitely for them. But, CAR reader, it is not for you.

Bäst i baksätet • 4 November 2014

PRIS, FRÅN KR: 204 900. MODELL: 5-d 5-sitsig halvkombi. SÄLJSTART: Oktober 2014. MÅTT, CM: L 439/B 177/H 152. TJÄNSTEVIKT, KG: 1 304. MOTOR: Fyrcylindrig bensinmotor med turbo och direktinsprutning. Volym 1 197 cm3. Max effekt 115 hk från 4 500 v/min. Max vridmoment 190 Nm från 2 000 v/min. KRAFTÖVERFÖRING: Framhjulsdrift, 6-växlad manuell låda (CVT Xtronic tillval för 15 000 kr). PRESTANDA: Toppfart 190 km/tim. Acceleration 0–100 km/tim på 10,7 s. DEKLARERAD FÖRBRUKNING: 5,0 l/100 km. CO2-UTSLÄPP: 117 g/km. KONKURRENTER: Peugeot 308, Kia Cee´d, VW Golf, Toyota Auris. Vad nytt? Helt ny bil. För vem? Familjen med långa barn.

Auto Express • 24 October 2014

We drive the Nissan Pulsar diesel in the UK in top-spec Tekna guise

Nissan Pulsar tester från andra källor

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