Peugeot iOn från 2010

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Peugeot iOn tester från andra källor

Provkörning: Peugeot iOn • 8 May 2014

Vad nytt? Elbil som delar konstruktion med Mitsubishi och Citroën. För vem? För den som har råd att vara miljövänlig. Bra köp? Tveksamt för privatpersoner.

Auto Express • 23 September 2011

The tiny Peugeot iOn electric city car is ideal for town, with compact dimensions and negligible running costs

CAR magazine • 10 September 2010

The problem faced by the Ion (and the iMiEV and Citroen C-Zero) is that the Nissan Leaf is just around the corner – along with other electric Renault offerings – and offers something bigger and more conventional in terms of packaging, and it has a nicer interior. It’s a stopgap, a quick solution that provides Peugeot with a perfectly decent electric car until it can build its own. Plus the company only hopes to sell 500 a year in the UK to begin with, and reckons it will easily do that to just councils and eco-conscious companies.

Peugeot iOn tester från andra källor

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