Porsche 911 från 2012

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Porsche 911 tester från andra källor

Top Gear • 11 March 2019

An almost irritatingly complete GT and sports car. Feels like £100k’s worth, top up or top down

Top Gear • 28 January 2019

The 911 is still definitive, stretching the poles of a sports car's abilities without putting a foot wrong

Auto Express • 18 January 2019

With the 992, Porsche has broadened the iconic 911’s everyday appeal with greater comfort while pushing the performance envelope further

Auto Express • 10 October 2018

We take a passenger ride in the next Porsche 911, the 992.

CAR magazine • 25 September 2018

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that the difference between a great 911 and a truly inspirational one can come down to the tiniest of details. There is very little wrong with the standard Carrera, whichever of the myriad options you choose. Indeed, Litchfield himself will readily tell you his T was one of the best cars he’s ever driven, straight out of the box. But these detail tweaks make a huge, huge difference. If there’s one conclusion to be had from this it’s don’t get mad with Porsche for not selling you a GT3 – get even. And with a little help from Litchfield you can do just that.

Porsche 911 tester från andra källor

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