Renault Alaskan från 2017

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Renault Alaskan tester från andra källor

TEST: Alaskan – kopian som är dyrare än originalet • 4 January 2018

Det är lätt att förstå logiken bakom Renaults nya pickup Alaskan. Koncernsyskonet Nissan hade en bil färdig och Volkswagen hade med Amarok visat att det går att etablera sig som ny tillverkare i pickupsegmentet. Men på vissa marknader – som i Sverige – kan det ändå bli en knepig affär för Renault.

CAR magazine • 10 November 2017

It looks neat, drives better than most rivals and also benefits from one of the most efficient pickup powertrains on the market; it would also likely be priced competitively rather than outlandishly (hello Ford Ranger, rather than you must be kidding Mercedes). Renault also has an extensive commercial dealer network that could offer convenient servicing times for the thing. So for people who actually need a vaguely smart-looking pickup, the Alaskan’s absence from the UK is a bit of a shame. But suspecting that hollow diamond badge isn’t likely to offer the same lifestyle kudos as the rugged Japanese establishment or the posh German heavy metal players, we can understand Renault’s reluctance to take the chance.

Auto Express • 29 September 2017

Renault has joined the pick-up truck fray with the Alaskan, but what's it like from behind the wheel? We find out...

Renault Alaskan tester från andra källor

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