Renault Clio från 2012

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Renault Clio tester från andra källor

Svart Renault • 22 June 2018

Vad nytt? Extratrimmad version av trimversionen av Clio. För vem? GTI-älskare med smak för snabba bilbandagar.

CAR magazine • 26 June 2017

Apart from being a lot of fun to drive, the Renault Clio Cup Junior is an established racing car with a wealth of existing knowledge for competitors to draw on. The road-spec tyres hang on well, with more predictable responses than slicks, and the 100mph limiter feels effective in isolation – it’ll be interesting to see how it will affect the way the cars bunch together when racing in a pack. Like all front-wheel drive cars, the Clio Cup takes some learning to get the best from, and driving one quickly is a black art. Expect close, frantic racing, and a no doubt a very talented champion at season’s end.

Automobil • 8 February 2017

Renaults sentida Stålmus andas oförskämt gott självförtroende. Synd bara att den är så högröstad....

Auto Express • 15 July 2016

We get to grips with the facelifted Renault Clio supermini on UK roads. How does it shape up?

Auto Express • 11 July 2016

We thrash Renault's Clio RenaultSport R.S.16 with 271bhp turbo engine

Renault Clio tester från andra källor

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