Renault Megane från 2016

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Renault Megane tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 22 November 2018

If the old R.S. Megane was a bit too hardcore for you, the Sport is a very credible modern hot hatch all-rounder – it’s fun to drive, comfortable and easy to live with, without thrilling its driver to the same degree as Renault Sport hot hatches of old. The Cup feels quicker over a lap and more stable and forgiving at high-speed than its predecessor, with a tighter, more fool-proof gearshift if you pick the manual and a credible alternative in the EDC. It’s a seriously impressive track car, with higher abilities than most mainstream hot hatches. But for us the Honda Civic Type R is more exciting and involving to drive on the road, if less agile than the Renault. But the Megane’s more subtle, well-resolved styling will likely be far more palatable to most buyers. While the Trophy’s extra power does make it feel more lively than the 280, unless you’re likely to attend trackdays the advantages of its lighter brakes and seats aren’t quite enough to separate it from the rest of the range on the road. Our pick of the range would be the Cup chassis-equipped 280. It’s well worth test driving the Megane against its rivals. While its forebears are perhaps more exciting to drive, it’s more well-rounded and easier to live with than previously. It’s an impressive modern hot hatch. Check out all CAR's Renault reviews

Auto Express • 19 September 2018

The Renault Megane RS is a sophisticated hot hatch that's a true contender in the class

Auto Express • 4 July 2018

We get to grips with the new 276bhp Renault Megane RS in the UK to see if it's a serious hot hatch contender

CAR magazine • 13 June 2017

The Megane Sport Tourer is far from a bad car. It looks desirable, offers a good amount of space and flexibility, and its seats are highly comfortable – though the restricted rear headroom is a little odd. But it does itself no favours when it comes to the driving experience, with an unwilling engine, ho-hum dynamics and strangely leaden ride. Even if the closest you come to on-limit handling is hitting the lock stops during a three-point turn, there are simply nicer, more polished ways of getting from A to B than this.

Auto Express • 26 May 2017

Final report: fond farewell to pretty Renault Megane hatch after six months on fleet

Renault Megane tester från andra källor

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