Renault Zoe från 2012

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Renault Zoe tester från andra källor

Top Gear • 19 September 2018

The Zoe was already a strong EV contender – extra power and range makes it more convincing than ever

Auto Express • 22 August 2018

The all-electric Renault ZOE has been updated for 2018, and with it comes a new more powerful 106bhp motor

CAR magazine • 26 July 2017

The Zoe e-sport is a complete giggle throughout, from its outlandish exterior and war-ready specification to its chuckable handling. But it’s only ever going to be a concept – there’s as much chance of a production version appearing as there are emissions from its tailpipe. However, it’s an ideal image builder for the prospect of a slightly hotter regular Zoe in the future; imagine the standard car riding on 18-inch wheels, with a 100kg knocked off and some Renault Sport magic worked on the chassis and powertrain. Now that really could be the future.

Auto Express • 25 July 2017

We blast-off in the crazy 456bhp Renault ZOE E-Sport EV hot hatch concept

Mer kräm i batteriet • 25 February 2017

Vad nytt? Mer kräm i batteriet. För vem? Privatleasare och tjänstebilsförare i första hand.

Renault Zoe tester från andra källor

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