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Seat Ateca tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 31 October 2018

Does the Ateca work as a Cupra model in its own right? In all honesty, this could well get away with still having a Seat badge on the front, and with Cupra logos dotted about like they are currently. It doesn’t feel different enough to drive than an outgoing Leon ST Cupra, while the styling feels a little too over the top, promising more than the drive delivers in some regards. That could be damning it with faint praise though – the brand was never going to launch with a bespoke car, and the Ateca is a seriously capable machine at getting from A to B, while still fulfilling the brief as a practical family SUV. The Cupra brand has to start somewhere with the existing Seat line-up, and the Ateca is a solid effort, and the company itself certainly has the confidence up the momentum for future models.

Auto Express • 2 April 2018

We drive the range-topping SEAT Ateca FR 2.0-litre TSI in anticipation of 296bhp Cupra model due later this year

Auto Express • 8 September 2017

SEAT's Ateca SUV gets a bit sportier in FR trim but is that a good thing?

Auto Express • 22 May 2017

We're big fans of the SEAT Ateca, but is the petrol automatic a good combination for the popular crossover?

Auto Express • 6 January 2017

Final report: Striking family-friendly SUV is still worthy of our award

Seat Ateca tester från andra källor

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