Subaru Levorg från 2014

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Subaru Levorg tester från andra källor

Auto Express • 10 May 2017

The Subaru Levorg estate is quite a rare sight on British roads, but should it be?

Bäst och sämst fyrhjulsdrift • 27 January 2017

Fyrhjulsdrivna bilar säljer som aldrig förr. Men vilka system för fyrhjulsdrift är bäst och vilka är sämst? Det har vi testat.

Ausdroid • 30 December 2016

Subaru’s 2017 Levorg GT-S replaces the older Liberty GT model, with what is effectively a wagon-sized WRX. However, the Levorg’s lineage isn’t what drew us to this review, it’s the technology that Subaru has built into the platform which attracted our interest. There’s some curious choices Subaru have made with the Levorg, not the least of which is the name which is supposedly a portmanteau of Legacy (the Liberty’s name in other markets), Revolution and Touring. If you ask me, it sounds a bit silly, but at the same time, there’s no mistaking the name with any other car on the road. The other curious choice is perhaps that the Levorg is a wagon, a vehicle shape that’s rather out of vogue in 2016’s Australia, a country that has fallen head over heels in love with the SUV and the utility. Still, there’s a lot of appeal to the Levorg as a wagon; it has ample room for the family, a cavernous boot that fits a stroller, bags, groceries, and the latest affordable Swedish crap from IKEA, and enough get up and go to shake off the cobwebs. For a car that starts at $48,425 drive away, and up to $54,620 for

Golf-klassens nya busfrö • 17 February 2016

Subaru fasar ut Legacy-modellen i Europa. Vi har provkört ersättaren Levorg innan den officiella lanseringen.

CAR magazine • 5 November 2015

The Subaru Levorg is destined to be a niche player. Its 1.6 petrol turbo auto status will see to that, with its attendant 164g/km CO2 rating and 39.8mpg combined fuel consumption (subtract ten off that figure in the real world). Subaru is only targeting around 500 sales a year in the UK, though - and those Scooby faithful who do take the plunge will find a decent wagon, just one that rubs against the grain of market trends. A true Subaru, then.

Subaru Levorg tester från andra källor

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