Suzuki S-Cross från 2013

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Suzuki S-Cross tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 12 December 2016

Bear in mind, though, that price does mean you get kit levels that would leave buyers of more premium rivals applying for a second mortgage. Few shoppers in this segment will, to their detriment, give the S-Cross a second glance. But those buyers that do enter the field and turn to their left, will be surprised to discover just how quirkily competent the S-Cross is. Read more Suzuki reviews

Provkörning: Suzuki S-Cross • 24 October 2016

Vad nytt? Motorprogram, frontdesign och automatlådor. För vem? Den som vill ha suv-känsla och 4WD till rimligt pris.

CAR magazine • 5 October 2016

Just remember to stick with this trim and engine, and save £1800 by leaving the AllGrip version alone – treat yourself some winter tyres and a city break instead.

Auto Express • 20 September 2016

We drive the updated Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, and find it’s significantly better than the car it replaces

Auto Express • 11 December 2015

A new dual-clutch aultomatic box adds more choice to the Suzuki S-Cross crossover line-up. Is it any good?

Suzuki S-Cross tester från andra källor

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