Toyota GT86 från 2012

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Toyota GT86 tester från andra källor

Top Gear • 26 July 2018

The simplest and most exciting Toyota in years is also a real pleasure to drive

Auto Express • 8 June 2017

The GT 86 Orange Edition is the first of Toyota's 'Club Series' specials. We've taken it for a drive

Auto Express • 13 December 2016

Minor tweaks to the GT 86 formula ensure that it stays at the top of the handling pecking order

CAR magazine • 7 August 2015

Got a Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ, or thinking of buying a used one? Want more power? Then this seems a fair place to start – the supercharger significantly redresses the standard torque gap and comprehensively retains usability. How an unmodified chassis would cope we can’t tell you, but at the very least you’d best budget extra to replace those Prius tyres…

Auto Express • 29 July 2015

This Toyota GT86 has been tuned by Cosworth to produce up to 280bhp - but it's expensive

Toyota GT86 tester från andra källor

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