Volvo S60 2010 - 2018

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Volvo S60 tester från andra källor

Världens första test av nya Volvo S60 • 24 February 2019

LOS ANGELES. Nya Volvo är komplett. Nya S60 är examen för Volvos duktiga ingenjörer och utvecklingsteam. Det är Volvo S60 Polestar Engineering som är grädden på moset, körsbäret på tårtan. Och det känns, det känns i varje millimeter av styrningen och varje svar från bilens känsliga drivlina och chassi. Det är nya Volvo S60 som fulländar hela SPA-plattformen.

CAR magazine • 18 October 2018

We like the S60. And we can’t help but admire today’s Volvo. Any company that continues focus on safety, saying that its Vision 2020 strategy will mean that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020, clearly has lofty ambitions. But is that enough to allow the S60 to go toe-to-toe with its premium rivals? The saloon as a format might be on the wane, but the continued success of the 3-Series, A4 and C-Class proves that buyers still lap them up if there’s a premium badge nailed to them. But they also need to be very, very good. Volvo is keen to crash that particular party, and it has found success with the S60’s platform sisters, but is this car good enough to complete the story in this particularly hard-fought market sector? On the basis of our early drive of the S60 T6 AWD, it’s there or thereabouts, and can sit in the premium saloon sector with its head held high. It’s a lovely looking thing, with a particularly well-judged interior, and we can see many people choosing it over a 3-Series, A4 or C-Class on looks alone. The T8 Polestar Engineered brings something new and a little different to the fast car party, and we admire it for that. It’s not perfect, and suffers from the brilliance of its rivals. But we love the throttle response and sheer majesty of its damping, as well as those stealthy, bad-ass, looks. Throw in impressive crash-avoidance technology, which will help it move on significantly from the old one, and we can see the S60 moving on Volvo’s game – and premium market ambitions – significantly. But the lack of that last degree of dynamic brilliance expected at this level will ultimately stop it from disrupting this market despite Volvo’s ambitions to the contrary. For now.

Top Gear • 17 October 2018

Everything we've come to love about new-age Volvos in a smaller size

Auto Express • 17 October 2018

Volvo’s new compact executive contender does style and comfort better than it does sporty

2019 Volvo S60 Review • 12 October 2018

The 2019 Volvo S60 is an impressive addition to an already strong lineup. While Volvo did try to make this new sedan a bit sportier than its recent models, it’s the S60’s design, comfort, and overall refinement that truly set it apart from the competition. Volvo has another hit on its hands.

Volvo S60 tester från andra källor

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