Volvo V40 från 2012

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Volvo V40 tester från andra källor

CAR magazine • 30 November 2017

If you’re really bothered about a high-end hot hatch, you could get so much more for your £36-ish-k than a 250bhp Volvo V40, especially considering the Swedish hatch’s flaws. The ride borders on irritating, it doesn’t actually feel that fast and, while well bolted together, the interior has aged considerably. Plus, it just feels like too weird a mix of a relatively sophisticated hatchback paired with aggressive upgrades, like adding a jalapeño to your morning muesli. Still, the spikey front end lends itself to a bit of fun if you’re in a playful mood and you can’t deny the V40’s leftfield charm. VW Golf Rs are ten-a-penny, but if you compare one to this you can understand why.

Auto Express • 20 March 2017

Final report: low-tech infotainment has failed to dim the appeal of the Volvo V40 hatch

I skuggan av V90 • 25 November 2016

Vad nytt? LED-ljus och kulörer. För vem? Den som söker storbilskänsla i ett litet format.

CAR magazine • 1 July 2016

The Volvo V40 has been improved by its mid-life facelift, but we worry it’s not enough to win a place high on many buyers’ shortlists. The packaging is a concern if you regularly carry rear-seat passengers, but we still applaud the hewn-from-solid build quality, leftfield vibe and classy styling, plus potentially low running costs of this D3 (the even cleaner D2 has cut its CO2 emissions from 94g/km to just 89g/km). If it could improve in one of two fundamental areas, we suspect the V40 could be a big seller. Let’s hope the next-generation CMA-derived model smashes it out of the park. If they can recapture some of the momentum from the 90-series cars in a smaller, more affordable package, they could have a real hit on their hands for those who don’t want to play Golf.

Auto Express • 21 June 2016

With an XC90-inspired facelift, can the Volvo V40 take the fight to premium rivals like the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3?

Volvo V40 tester från andra källor

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